To groom social entrepreneurship, building a culture of innovation is the key. The social issues in urban areas globally are getting more serious and alike. It's worth our time to think about social innovation ideas together and share experience along the road.

To pathway for a sustainable development of social innovation culture in the region, we would like to initiate the discussion by promoting social. The Social Innovation Leadership Awards would serve as one of the pioneer to create this new path, and will be your first step to change the world with your simple idea!

Make use of your imagination, and change might be initiated by you in the society!

You too can bring about a Social Revolution!


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Dolapo Kukoyi
Detail Commercial Solicitors

Dolapo Kukoyi

Detail Commercial Solicitors

Dolapo Kukoyi is a Partner at Detail Commercial Solicitors and leads the firm's Power Practice. She is one of the leading lawyers in Nigeria's Power sector with extensive experience advising clients in the private sector, government agencies and regulators on a wide range of complex transactions. Her transactional experience includes providing consultancy services to United Nations Development Fund/ Federal Ministry of Environment (Department of Climate Change) Nigeria in support of the completion of Green Climate Fund Concept Notes as well as a Funding Proposal for sustainable Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation for project implementation in Nigeria.

She is advising the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on the 213 billion naira Intervention Fund for the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry; and advising clients on the privatization of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) assets in the Nigerian Power sector.
Dolapo led a team working with the Nigerian Energy Support Programme and NERC on recently released regulation for mini-grids below or equal to 1MW and structuring Mini-Grid Pilot Projects in 5 states in Nigeria (Niger, Ogun, Sokoto, Cross River and Plateau) to enhance electricity supply to rural and underserved communities. She is also currently advising the Lagos State Government on the Light Up Lagos project to facilitate the delivery of 3000MW to Lagos State through embedded power generation.
Dolapo serves actively in various organizations, such as serving as an advisory board member of the Renewable Access Network (also known as the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria; advisory committee member of Rescue Technologies Ltd; non-executive director of Arctic Infrastructure; and executive committee member of the Ebola Containment Trust Fund.

Dolapo earned her law degree from the University of Ibadan in 2001 and was admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 2004. She holds a diploma in Intellectual Property Law from the International Bar Association and College of Law of England and Wales, 2007.

Amir Ahmad
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Amiran Technology Sdn Bhd

Amir Ahmad

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Amiran Technology Sdn Bhd

Area of Expertise: •  Factory Automation
•  Advanced Material Application
•  R&D and Product Development
•  Nano Wave Cavitation for Biofuel and Crystalline Energy Water
•  Green Hybrid Renewable Energy: Syn-Hybrid Gas Generator (Oxy-Hydrogen), Solar Hybrid System & Amiran Gas Vehicles (AGV)
•  Business Development & Negotiation.

•  Green Project Certificate for Hydrodynamic Fuel by Nano Wave Cavitational Reactor & Hydro-Fuel Cell System by Green Technology Malaysia Corporation of Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water (KeTTHA) in 2012.
•  "Pioneer Status" Project by Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA) in 2014.
•  Patent Holder for Syn-Fuel Energy Hybrid Gas Generator - MyIPO in 2015 and Paris Cooperation Treaty in 2016.
•  Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovative (MOSTI) Social Innovation Project – Design & Fabrication of Hydrogen Hybrid Fishing Boat For Malacca Fishermen Community Program in 2016.

Dr. Louise van Rhyn
CEO & Founder
Symphonia for South Africa

Dr. Louise van Rhyn

CEO & Founder
Symphonia for South Africa

Dr Louise van Rhyn is a social entrepreneur. She believes the worlds' huge intractable problems can be solved through cross-sector collaboration and a solid understanding of complex social change. Her approach to change is shaped by 30 years of working as an Organisational Change and Leadership Development practitioner. She holds a Doctorate in Complex Social Change and has founded a few entrepreneurial organisations.

In 2008 she returned home to South Africa (after living in Europe) and started a social enterprise with a purpose to mobilise active citizenship around the significant social issues facing the country.

In 2010 she launched Partners for Possibility, an innovative leadership development process for business and school leaders. Business leaders develop their capacity to lead in a complex and unfamiliar environment by becoming a co-learning and co-action partner to a school principal. The focus of their partnership is to lead positive change in an under-resourced school.

So far more than 1,300 leaders across South Africa have benefited from the programme and they've won many national and international awards for their innovative approach to enable business leaders to make a significant contribution in education while developing their leadership skills. Leaders report that they learn more about leadership from working with a school in an under-resourced community than attending a course at a business school.

Anthea Rossouw-Woodard
Founder & Programme Leader
The Dreamcatcher Foundation South Africa

Anthea Rossouw-Woodard

Founder & Programme Leader
The Dreamcatcher Foundation South Africa

Founder of Dreamcatcher South Africa and ARA-UK, Anthea is an enterprise developer, stakeholder engagement practitioner and philanthropist, working on initiatives which address the impact of socio-economic and environmental challenges. Working across South Africa and the South of England, Anthea applies a pluralist approach to sustainable economic development, deliberately aspiring to impact positively and grow local society. Dreamcatcher initiatives have become synomymous with 'Out of the box' thinking and innovation to facilitate a circular economy, which includes re-imagining the use of local resources. Cor principles considered to facilitate sustainability such as inclusivity, fair access, well being, environmental impact and developing duplicable models to sustainable development, are cornerstones of projects and related activities. As a result of the profound positive changes in prospects for many people in communities involved in projects spearheaded by Anthea across South Africa, she is called the Peoples Dreamcatcher by the locals

Margaret Hirsch
Chief Operations Officer

Margaret Hirsch

Chief Operations Officer

Margaret and Allan Hirsch started their family run appliance business in a tiny showroom in Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban, in 1979 with just R900 that they had saved. Today Hirsch's has grown into a chain of mega appliance and home furnishing stores in KZN the Cape and Gauteng. At the end of 2012, the company had topped the R1 billion turnover milestone and are well on their way to achieving their second billion rand turnover. Their strength, they believe, is in their well trained staff, and customer service. Margaret, Chief Operations Executive of Hirsch's, wife, mother and grandmother is also a champion of women's empowerment, and someone who firmly believes in giving back to the community, especially to people in a less fortunate situation, having been there once herself. Having had to battle from an early age, she found that it is possible, through sheer determination and a positive attitude, to get ahead and now all Hirsch's staff members are encouraged to better themselves and are shown that by uplifting themselves they will ultimately uplift those around them.


» South Africa's Most Influential Woman in Business and Government in the retail and wholesale sector in 2011 - in an annual competition run by the CEO Magazine.

» Business Woman's Association of South Africa (BWASA)'s Business Woman of the Year (Entrepreneur) 2012. This competition started 34 years ago (co-incidentally when the Hirsch's opened their first branch)

» Lady ROCCI (Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce) Gold Award for Business Woman of the Year, 2012.

» In 2013 she received the Business Excellence Award from the Ekurhuleni Business Initiative and Captains of Industry Forum. The Ekurhuleni Business Initiative (EBI).

» Business Excellence Award was presented to Margaret for her positive attitude towards economic Development.

» In August 2013 at the 10th ANNUAL Top Women Awards evening – held to recognize outstanding leadership from organizations that have shaped women's roles within the private and public sector in South Africa, Hirsch's were the proud recipients of two of these awards. Best Women Empowered Community Programme and the Entrepreneur of 2013 Award which was won by Margaret.

» On September 4th Margaret received the SANLAM 2013 Life Time Achievement Award in Entrepreneurship. "This award serves as recognition for those entrepreneurs who have continually contributed towards the development and growth of South African entrepreneurship," said Nimo Naidoo, project manager of the Sanlam/Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

» In 2014, Margaret was given the great honour of being selected to be inducted into the Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame (2014) for countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

» Nominee for Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government 2015

» Country Winner in Wholesale and Retail sector of CEO Global's Most Influential Women in Business & Government Award.

» Lifetime Achiever in Wholesale and Retail sector of CEO Global's Most Influential Women in Business & Government Award.

» Regional Winner in Wholesale and Retail sector of CEO Global's Most Influential Women in Business & Government Award.

» Winner of the CEO GLOBAL Award for the Most Influential Woman in the Retail and Wholesale Industry for the African Continent

» Lifetime Achievement Award for the Most Influential Woman in the Retail and Wholesale Industry for Africa - CEO Global

» Cape Chamber Awardee of the International Womens Empowerment Challenge

» Winner of the Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal by the European Business Assembly Margaret Hirsch has become a sought after motivational speaker and is a champion of women's Empowerment.

» 2016 - Margaret won the Global Inspirational Women Leadership Award and the United States Congressional Commendation Award from the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development.

» 2016 - Margaret and Allan Hirsch were finalists in the National Business Topco Awards in the customer focus category.

» 2016 - Margaret and Allan were also finalists in the Southern Africa World Entrepreneur Awards in the Master Category.

» 2017 - Voted one of the top 25 Distinguished Women in Leadership by Amazon Watch Magazine. Award presented at the African Women Leadership Summit, 2017.

» 2017 - Winner of the World Confederation of Businesses - World Cob, Bizz 2017 award. The awards are given every year to outstanding business people from more than 120 countries around the world.

Ingrid Lena Mari Friblick
Xenofilia AB

Ingrid Lena Mari Friblick

Xenofilia AB

Lena Friblick is a journalist and social entrepreneur from Sweden. She is the founder of Xenofilia, a socially conscious company, and the nonprofit foundation Botildenborg. During the last ten years, Lena has led the social sustainability movement in Malmö, a city in the south of Sweden, faced with deep challenges and opportunities to integrate the community through diversity, social good and sound employment. Lena has been a journalist for over 20 years, both as a reporter and an anchor. In 2017, she was honored as Role Model of the Year for diversity issues in Sweden.

Today, Sweden as compared to other countries, is still considered a wealthy and equal country. But even in a welfare state such as Sweden the gaps between rich and poor is starkly growing. Sweden is a country which has welcomed thousands of refugees, and in the city of Malmö, over 30 percent of the population is born in another country. Today Islam has become an increasingly prominent religion in the area. The goal of Lena's work is to connect people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and religion to create awareness and friendship between borders. To acknowledge the differences and blur the lines so we are seen as one humanity.

Right now she is developing Botildenborg, a unique community site in Rosengård, Malmö that has over 150 nationalities. Botildenborg, is a renovated historic house from 1886 to become Europe's leading site for social sustainability and understanding. The work will concentrate on three critical areas: creating employment, spreading knowledge and understanding about diversity and socially sustainable issues and give hope for everyone.

Activities within Xenofilia and the foundation Botildenborg:
Rosengård cooking: food creates the best connections with people and is a good starting point for discussion and friendship. At the same time, Rosengård cooking provides work opportunities to women with excellent culinary skills but without formal education. Rosengård cooking gives cooking classes, has created two books, TV-program, exhibitions and events.

Growing buddies: connects newly arrived families with established swedes through gardening. Families are given a plot of land to take care of, plant and harvest. The seeds in springtime become a flower of friendship by autumn.

City farming:Xenofilia has started the first incubator (organized support for entrepreneurs) for companies that farm on commercial land within the city. Thirty new companies have started in the last two years around Sweden. The method also provides a concept for the municipalities to help the new farmers.

Work: Xenofilia has developed a method to provide gainful employment for newly arrived refugees. Xenolfilia works directly with companies to provide training and education to both employees and the unemployed resulting in jobs for 60 % of those joining the program.

Change through stories: Featured interviews with Holocaust survivors and their families about how to start a new life after witnessing trauma. A book and film have both been a starting point for an exhibition in the Museum of Malmö and an educational program for students to discuss and prevent antisemitism and racism in school.



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  • Initiative for Community Awareness
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  • Best Social Enterprise
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  • Best Social Media campaign
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    Individual Category: Each entry should be accompanied by personal profile of nominated person; Achievements; Awards & Accolades received; Media Coverage; Articles published; Photographs & any other relevant details.

    (The Jury will evaluate each entry & will decide on winners. The decision of the Jury is final & binding)

    Award Winners

    Award winner 2017

       Social Innovation Leadership Award

    • Medea Nocentini, Co-founder and CEO, Consult and Coach for a Cause (C3)
    • Dr. Gavin Armstrong, Founder and CEO, Lucky Iron Fish.
    • Hema Parbhoo, Organisational Psychologist (Director), Umbo Human Potential Solutions
    • Rajendra Joshi, Managing Director, Saath Livelihoods
    • Sanvar Oberoi, Co-founder & Director of Finance and Digital Technology, Bombay Hemp Company Pvt. Ltd. (BOHECO)
    • Martin Fernando Jakobsen, Director, Turning Tables

       Sustainable Initiatives

    • International Paper APPM Ltd.

       Best Social Media campaign

    • Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

    Award winner 2016

       Social Innovation Leadership Award

    • Leslie Heyer, Founder, Cycle Technologies, Inc.
    • Dr. Moka Lantum, Co-founder, MicroClinic Technologies
    • CeciliaRinaudo, Directrice du Développement, La VouteNubienne
    • Pushkin Phartiyal, Phd, Executive Director, Central Himalayan Environment Association (CHEA)
    • Prashant Mehra, Chief Architect - Social Inculsion, Mindtree
    • Ajaita Shah, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Frontier Markets.
    • ParminderVir OBE, CEO, The Tony Elumelu Foundation
    • Ulla EveliinaLuukas, Head Coach, Timiakatemia.
    • Dr. Prakash Baba Amte, Ramon Magsaysay Award Winner Padmashree
    • Dr. Kiran Bedi, First Lady IPS Officer in India
    • Navneet Kaushal, CEO, Page Traffic

       Social Innovation & Iconic Leadership Award

    • VedantThaker
    • Mark D'souza, Crrystal Light Foundation
    • AdarshAlphons, Founder & Executive Director, ProjectArt, Community Scholar, Columbia University
    • Kannan Moudgalya, Professor, IIT, Bombay
    • HarakhchandSavla, Founder, JeevanJyot Cancer Relief & Care Trust.
    • Vanessa D'Souza, Chief Executive Officer, SNEHA (Society for Nutrition Education & Health Action)
    • Dr. BP Agrawal, Founder & President, Sustainable Innovations
    • Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, Head and Neck service, Tata Memorial Hospital
    • Edwin Sabuhoro, CEO, Rwanda Eco-Tours/Green Journeys Africa
    • Popatrao Pawar, Hiware Bazar

       Best CIO

    • Vijay Sethi, Head CSR , Hero MotoCop Ltd.

       Social Innovator

    • Tapash Chatterjee, Secretary & CEO, MitaanSewaSamiti

       Best Social Innovative Project

    • Tata Capital
    • J K Paper Ltd., Unit: CPM

       Initiative for Community Awareness

    • Hero MotoCop Ltd.

       Best Social Media Campaign

    • Hero MotoCorp Ltd.
    • Agni Foundation

       Innovation - Product or Services

    • International Paper - APPM Ltd.

       Best Use of Social Innovation in Education Sector

    • New Education Group - Foundation for Innovation and Research in Education

       Social Innovation Entrepreneur

    • AgnishwarJayaprakash, Director, Agni College of Technology

    Award winner 2015

       Social Innovation Conference & Awards

       Social Innovation Leadership Award

    • Ahmad Ashkar, Founder & CEO, Hult Prize
    • Ariel Beery, CEO, Mobile OCT
    • Baptiste Leroux, Co-founder, GlobeDrop
    • Dr. H. Sudarshan, Secretary, Karuna Trust
    • Lewis Perkins, Founder & President, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation
    • Nick Moon, Co-founder / Director, KickStart International
    • Tomasz Sadowski, Founder, Barka Foundation
    • Paul Arnpriester, Principal Technology Evangelist, Nonprofit, CDW
    • Ritu Sharma, CEO & Co-founder, Social Media for Nonprofits
    • Penny Low, Founder & President, Social Innovation Park. Ltd.

       Social Entrepreneurship

    • Pramod Gopalrao Gaikwad, Founder President, Social Networking Forum
    • Subramanya K. Kusnur, Chairman & CEO, Aquakraft Projects Pvt. Ltd.

       Innovation - Product or Service

    • eClerx Services Ltd.

       Best Social Investment Strategy

    • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

       Initiative for Community Awareness

    • Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.

    Award winner 2014

       Social Innovation Conference & Awards - 2014

       Organizational Categories

        Innovation-Product or Service

    • Biocon Foundation
    • Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (Fiinovation)
    • SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
    • Terra Tech Solutions Pte. Ltd.

       Education & Training Social Enterprise

    • BEE'AH (Dubai)
    • Tata Consultancy Services (for Adult Literacy Program)
    • Tata Consultancy Services (for Research Scholar Program)
    • Uttarakhand Open University (Online Programs)

       Best Social Media Campaign

    • UBM India Pvt. Ltd.

       Initiative for Community Awarness

    • BEE'AH

       Best Social Enterprise

    • Bhaktivedanta Hospital

       Individual Categories

       Social Innovation Entrepreneur

    • S. Narayan, Founder & President, Integron Property Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

       Social Innovation Leadership Award

    • N. Dewi Hutabarat, Executive Director, Aksi Sinergi Untuk Indonesia Foundation ( Sinergi Indonesia )

    • Runa Khan, Founder & Executive Director, Friendship

    • Ron Schultz, Co-founder, Waterman Aylsworth

    • Nurfarini Daing, Chief Executive Officer, Youth Trust Foundation (myHarapan)

    • Mouhsine Serrar, Founder & CEO, Prakti Design

    Award winner 2013

       Social Innovation Conference & Awards - 2013

       Social Innovation Leadership Award

    • Ivan Chang, Co-founder, Head (Accounts & Engagement), Start Now Pte. Ltd.
    • Shane Hill, Founder, Skoolbo
    • Andrea Krause, Founder, FYSE
    • Anshu Gupta, Founder Director, Goonj
    • Priya Haji, Co-founder & CEO, SAVEUP (behalf)
    • Sonia Shrivastava, CSR Head South Asia, Intel
    • Chris West, Director, Shell Foundation
    • Timothy K. W. Ma, Sr. Project Consultant, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association
    • Akhtar Badshah, Sr. Director, Citizenship and Public Affairs and Head of Corporate Philanthropy, Microsoft Corporation

       Best Employee Engagement Strategy

    • Genpact India

       Best social investment Strategy

    • Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.

       Best Sustainability Performance

    • JK Paper Ltd.


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